Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP Wednesday - scrappy trips

Well, I had grand plans for the layout of this scrappy trips quilt - I wanted to do a different layout than everybody else.........  but, I went with the masses and did the traditional layout :)

I ended up with 49 blocks - and arranged them in a 7x7 layout for a final size of 84x84 - a nice sized quilt!
I am happy with how it turned out, but I am not in love with it.  Maybe after I quilt it, I will be in love :)

I found a lady locally who is going to rent me time on her computerized longarm!  I think this quilt will be my first attempt ::crossing fingers::   Then, I'd love to have a go with quilting my red/white Urban 9-patch quilt on the longarm........
This one I *do* love, so I want the quilting to be fabulous :)

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