Monday, August 26, 2013

blog work and a quilt

I worked on my blog pages a little this morning - adding a new page for 2013 quilts and sorted through the other pages and updated them too. Now, all my quilts are available to view at a glance! :)

 I was amazed I had only ONE quilt finish this year posted - I have one more done that I forgot to post about!   Although it's nothing special, just a kaleidoscope quilt (the stack-n-whack type).

Originally, I had thought I was going to make it for my son (he is graduating from UI this winter), but I think maybe someone else might enjoy it more, so I am offering it in my Etsy shop here instead.

I did spiderweb-ish quilting in black on this one and used black flannel for the backing :)  Nice cozy couch-sized lap quilt :)

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