Tuesday, October 1, 2013

finished quilt sneak peek

I will show more pictures later, promise!

This was my first experience on a longarm (I rented time on a computerized longarm), and it was really fun!  I definitely think the background in embroidery helped with getting the hang of the quilting.  This was a pre-programmed design, but I am hoping to jump right into FMQ as soon as possible :)  I plan to quilt my ugly trip-around-the-world quilt (I am calling it Trippy) next:

THEN, onto my urban 9 patch after that!  EEEEP!

Then, maybe my selvage spiderweb quilt top!  (This is the one hubby calls the circus quilt, LOL)


  1. Oh it looks great and such nice texture!

  2. your red and white urban9 is breathtaking!!