Friday, October 25, 2013

Hello Betty double wedding ring quilt progress

Well, I have gotten a little more done on my double wedding ring quilt top.....

Several 'footballs' done:

many waiting for one last seam to become a football:

and lots of arcs finished paper piecing:

and even more arcs in the process of being pieced:

I was able to find out what the bella solids are - looked on United Notions website, found a number on the Hello Betty pdf and tracked them down as ''Betty Teal'' and ''Betty Orange'' - so, now that I know they are available, I will see how far I get with the 4 strips I had of each color (from 2 jelly rolls).  I am hoping this will make a full size quilt, but we'll see.  I think it will be close!  It's hard to estimate size of a quilt that doesn't have square blocks!  If I don't have enough of the solids, at least I know they are available now, which is a relief!  I am using bella Snow as my background color.

And, no, I haven't forgotten about my Sunnyside postage stamp quilt!  The top is 96'' square and I am postponing doing the final iron because I really don't like to iron a big quilt top!  What a pain!

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  1. Hello Betty was a great choice of fabrics for this... it's going to be fantastic!