Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pfaff dual-feed

I think I have wore out the dual-feed on my Pfaff :(  She might have to go in to the sewing machine doctor!

I like to use the dual-feed pretty much all the time when I sew.  It just sews so nice with it engaged!  But, lately it has been giving me problems.  It hangs up on seams really bad, and now I cannot use it at all for piecing quilts :(

This is where is hangs up.  Every time.

Presser foot UP, and you can see it has caught on the seam:

I think maybe the tip of it where the 'teeth' are has just worn down.  I sew a LOT!  Quilting is less than half my sewing.
It's due for a tune-up, so when I take vacation around Thanksgiving, I will take it in to be serviced and hopefully replace that dual-feed foot.  And, hopefully, it's an inexpensive part and easy to replace!


  1. Good to know.Thanks for posting your problem. I would never had thought about it wearing out . I use it a lot too. Hope it is an inexpensive fix.

  2. I think I have the same machine. Mine has been acting up lately; I hate sending it way for servicing and having no machine to play with. Hope your fix is an inexpensive one!