Sunday, November 10, 2013

that will quilt out

Working on my DWR - and I think the next one I do, I won't use this same pattern.  I just don't think that the cornerstones should be squares, it's just not working out quite right.  Lots of pressing and lots of starch, and it's laying flat enough to quilt so far.  Two more rows to complete.......  (it will end up being 6x6 instead of the 6x7 I'd hoped for, just not quite enough arcs/footballs to do 7 rows)


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

double wedding ring progress

Here I have pics of the headless black Lab......

LOL.  Seriously though, she was just on the bed and couldn't be bothered to move so I could take pics of my progress.....

Yes, this is a difficult quilt!  I had forgotten how challenging it is to make these.  I am deciding on the border still - if I should add a square of the teal to complete the 4-patch corner.....  I think I am going to add them.  I think that this quilt will end up 6x6, but am hoping maybe I have enough 'footballs' to make it 6x7.  I hope!