Monday, December 16, 2013

My son is a UI graduate!

I am a very proud mom.  My oldest son graduated from the University of Idaho this weekend!

 Here is all of us at the CNR (College of Natural Resources) building at the brunch before graduation.  From left to right is Connor (youngest son), Jacob (graduate), me, and hubby Brian.  I didn't realize how short I look next to all those tall men!  Connor and Brian are 6' and Jacob is at least 6'3'' (maybe 6'4'').  I am 5'5 1/2''.  Not quite 5'6'' :)
 Jacob bought this 'Forester' shirt at the SAF (Society of American Foresters) convention in Charleston, SC this year - and saved it for this day!  He can now say he IS a Forester.  His degree is in Forest Resources with a minor in Forest Operations.


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  1. Congrats, Jacob!! Karin - I'm glad you gave who's who rundown - I thought you were the sister - LOL!