Friday, December 27, 2013

waiting for inspiration

While I wait for inspiration for quilting on a quilt I pin-basted yesterday, what do I do until inspiration strikes?  Start another quilt of course!

I will be working with 2 of these lovely Seascapes jelly rolls.  Love love love the color palette on these.  Not really a fan of the 'sea' theme, but the colors win me over!  I am leaving out the prints that have writing on them and substituting strips cut from yardage (that is in the mail still).  This quilt is going to be for ME.  I don't keep many quilts, but this one will be on MY bed as soon as it's done!  I have been hoarding saving these for just the right project, and I finally found just the right one!

I can't show you what pattern I'm using - since it's the same pattern as the Moda Bake Shop quilt I'm working on (that I'm trying to decide how to quilt).  I'll give you a sneak peek, but that's all you get ::grins::
(This quilt is made from the collection ''Wishes'' and I love these prints/colors too!)


1 comment:

  1. oooo!!! i like what i see of the sneak peek!!!

    i think that this coming year will be all about quilts for ME, too - nothing wrong with that, right?!?

    congratulations on your son's graduation - doesn't it just make you beam with pride?!?