Tuesday, March 4, 2014

flea market fancy strings

I turned that pile of Flea Market Fancy strings into another version of my strip-pieced string quilt pattern :)

As you can see, I used narrower strips so I could get more strips in each block.  I used 1.5'' solid strip, and 2.25'' print strips.  This actually made the whole process just a little bit harder though!  Making the strip sets straight and lining everything up for cutting was quite a bit more tedious...... then, lining everything up for sewing the blocks together was more tedious too.  I like both looks, but I think if I were to make another one, I'd go back to my original jelly roll strips for the whole thing.  Using the narrow solid made it dissapear in the little chevron border too - and I liked that little peek of solid in there.

I *was* going to get this basted yesterday, but something came up ::sigh::  The backing will be 2 of the earlier DS quilts prints (from Picnic or Fairgrounds) - two of the medium/gray/blue flowery prints (one piece *almost* big enough for the whole back - it was 4.5 yards, not quite big enough!)


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