Monday, March 31, 2014

The monster puppy

Lucy is growing like a weed, and challenging us every day.  She is now over 50 pounds (but still very lean), and will be 4 months old soon (she was born December 7th)

I will be taking her for her final puppy shots soon (and microchipped), so we'll se how much she actually weighs now.  At 2 months, she was almost 26 lbs, then at 3 months, she was 47 lbs.  So, I'm guessing she is actually getting close to 60 lbs as she comes up on 4 months old.  This picture is actually about a month old, but it's hard to get a good picture of her - she likes to sleep 'under' things, and when she is up and about, she's hard to get to sit still!

This is the MOST social dog I have ever had.  People, dogs, cats, doesn't matter.  She wants to play/socialize with everybody!  It has it's drawbacks though - she probably won't be a great watchdog.  AND, she is hard to keep home!  We don't have a fenced yard and have a really hard time with tying a dog 'out'.  She spends most of her time in the house, but needs 'out' time.  I have been taking her to the dog park once or twice a week to socialize.  If it was up to her, she'd go everyday though, LOL.

She is a quick learner though - she does:
sit, shake, high 5, lay down, roll over, kisses, waves.  She does a small amount of fetch, but generally she's not real interested in that game.  She would much rather play tug-o-war :)  Getting her to 'come' is the biggest challenge, we need to work on that one more!


  1. She is Gorgeous! We love big dogs, and only have room for medium have a great one there!

  2. I think your dog is precious. Our "puppy" just turned 12 and we still adore her. Enjoy!!!

  3. Oh Lucy is beautiful! What an adorable puppy face.