Monday, April 28, 2014

family heirloom

This last Friday, my husband and his siblings went through their fathers things.  Previously we had gone through his items stored from his 'junk shop', but this time we were going through things he had in his house - items passed down from the family and items he used in the past.  I had spied this quilt when we were setting things out for viewing, and mentioned to hubby that I would LOVE to have this quilt.
They divvied up their dads belongings by taking turns picking things.  After everybody had 2 turns, hubby spoke up and said that I had done a lot of work to put the items together for viewing and all I wanted was the quilt - and everybody agreed I should have the quilt.  I was almost in tears!  I know how much work goes into a quilt like this.  Now I need to try to find it's history since it has no label.
This is the quilt pre-washing.  I soaked it in oxy-clean and a half box of color catchers and washed it on delicate - and dried it as normal.  I could tell that it was in very good condition and could tell it was washed before, so I felt safe doing that.  It didn't get out all the stains, but it FEELS good again, like a normal quilt (instead of an old dingy quilt!)  There are some rust stains in the back, but I can live with that.  The binding is actually the backing that is folded over to the front, and it will just need repaired in a few spots.

It's hand pieced and hand quilted.  It's quilted in about 1'' diamonds in the sashing and about 1/4'' in on the edges and curves of the drunkards path blocks. Each of the DP pieces measure just about 2 5/8''-2 3/4'' and the blocks of 16 measure about 11'' finished.  The quilt is about 64x70.  I am still trying to figure out a way to display it.  Today, I am loving it displayed on my bed, but I am thinking maybe I will make it my ''headboard'' hanging on the wall above the bed.   That would involve adding a sleeve, so I will have to mull that idea over.....


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  1. This is a beautiful quilt and a lovely memory of your father in law. It'll be interesting to investigate it's history :)