Saturday, May 3, 2014

Orange dresden plate sashing

I finally decided on a print for the sashing on the vintage dresden plate blocks from this post!

It is a DQ Quilts print, and I got 5+ yards.  Plenty enough for wide sashing and a wide border.  But, I am also contemplating about adding a center to the blocks with it?

Should I leave them alone with all their wonky-ness?

Or make nice neat circle centers with the sashing material?

Or does anybody else have a better layout idea?  I have 10 blocks of the plates - and a bit of the orange fabric and the 5+ yards of the DS print.......



  1. I like the plain centers! With the white centers my eye is only going there. Without the white center I am first looking at the plates. Or maybe centers without as much contrast??

  2. I like the orange centre & background.