Friday, May 2, 2014

working on a sewing machine cover

After I saw this sewing machine cover found on Pinterest, I knew I had to make my own.

But, I wanted it to look more like an actual camper trailer.  More importantly, MY actual vintage camper trailer (a 15' Serro Scotty from 1967).

So, I printed out a picture of one the size that I wanted the cover to be and used that as a pattern :)

Here is the start of the cover.

It needs a little more detail - and I am still deciding on whether I want to do a zigzig/satin stitch over the edges of the fabric - or maybe do a sketchy black straight stitch to hold things down.  The 'grass' and the trailer are simply butted up together because the grass showed through the white.  So, I do think that I will do a wide satin stitch around the perimeter to mimic the aluminum trim that are on these trailers - then maybe I'll do the black stitching.  Oh, I don't know!  I do think the little bunting is a nice touch too - and I think I'll add one of those in Bonnie and Camille fabrics that I dig out of my scrap bin.  I do have to figure out a 'sky' fabric too because I was an idiot and didn't think about the seam allowance when I cut out the trailer, DUH. Rookie mistake.


  1. That's really cute ,can't wait to see it finished .

  2. Such a cute idea to use your very own adorable travel trailer. Creative Stitching Bliss...

  3. It's really adorable! I bet the final product will be great!