Friday, June 20, 2014

hexagon star flower tester

I found this tutorial on pinterest, so I decided to order the mini hex-n-more ruler.  I love this block, but definitely didn't want another EPP project - or to do y-seams (ick)!

Super cute!  It will definitely be on my quitl to-do list for the future :)  I will not use a gray like that though for the background - not enough contrast with the petals.  And, I'll leave the blocks in half-hexies so I can piece in rows......   Now, I want to get the larger hex-n-more ruler though too!  This is a pretty small block, the pieces are little.  I might do a tester of this same pattern in larger pieces......

Thursday, June 19, 2014

grandmother's flower garden hexagon quilt

I finally was able to get some pics of the GFG quilt (quilted by the fabulous Angela Walters)

This was a vintage hand-pieced top I bought on ebay that I sent to Angela to quilt (because I knew it was too big to do myself).  It measures 102''x101''!  Love the generous 20'' drape on my queen size bed!

It has yet to be washed.  Even after I bind it, I think I will just spot clean a spot or two and leave it be.

Warning: pic overload!

It will be bound in muslin and will also get a hanging sleeve at the same time.  I will also make a label of some sort - not sure if I'm going to embroider one or do a printed label.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

vintage quilt top

A while back, I picked up this vintage hand-pieced grandmothers flower garden quilt top.  It was HUGE, so I knew it had to be quilted on a longarm.  So, I sent it to the wonderful and talented Angela Walters to work her magic.  She let me know Monday that it was ready and would be on the way to me soon!  EEEEE, sooo excited!  I will definitely share pics when it gets here (probably after I bind it).
What doesn't show in the pic here is the WIDE green border (same color as the 'garden path' hexies) - and that border is very sun-bleached where it was folded.  I have a feeling that it won't matter though.