Thursday, June 19, 2014

grandmother's flower garden hexagon quilt

I finally was able to get some pics of the GFG quilt (quilted by the fabulous Angela Walters)

This was a vintage hand-pieced top I bought on ebay that I sent to Angela to quilt (because I knew it was too big to do myself).  It measures 102''x101''!  Love the generous 20'' drape on my queen size bed!

It has yet to be washed.  Even after I bind it, I think I will just spot clean a spot or two and leave it be.

Warning: pic overload!

It will be bound in muslin and will also get a hanging sleeve at the same time.  I will also make a label of some sort - not sure if I'm going to embroider one or do a printed label.



  1. That is just gorgeous! Great job!!

  2. Holy cow-- that is just lovely! It never ceases to amaze me how transformative quilting can be!