Thursday, July 10, 2014

are the quilt police coming after me?

I bound my quilt before it was finished quilting - are the quilt police going to come after me? Hehe :)

It was fraying at the edges because of all the turning I am doing with the quilting, so I decided to finish the border quilting and bind it before it frayed more.

And, I decided - because of the ''knit sweater'' print, that I would use a zigzag to finish it off (stitched to the back, then zigzag from the front), and I am sure glad I did!  The zigzag blends into that print SO well!  Much better than a straight stitch would I think!

It was SO much easier too.  Bonus!  Only a couple more hours of quilting and I'll be done with this quilt, yay!


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