Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Christmas Ribbons quilt top for Moda Bake Shop

I am a little late posting this, but I have cooked up a new project tutorial over at Moda Bake Shop.  At this point, the tutorial only has the quilt top picture posted - I am working feverently trying to get it quilted.  I was supposed to have it done by now, but things happen.   Here is a pic of the quilt top:

A little over a month ago, I broke my big toe (a 2x4 fell on it from about 4' high).  I haven't been able to wear socks and just recently was able to wear shoes that weren't open-toed.  Which also meant, I wasn't able to kneel down on the floor to pin-baste the quilt.  I finally sucked it up and got it basted and am getting close to done on the quilting.  Here are a couple sneak peeks!

I also have another quilt I am working on for the MBS that starts with 2 ''jelly roll race'' quilt tops.  Stay tuned for the outcome later this month :)


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  1. I love this quilt top. I had already added it to my list of quilts to make. Thanks for a great pattern!