Friday, November 7, 2014

waste not, want not

I have been saving the cut-offs from the batting from my last several quilts - there is always about 20'' or so 'extra' that I save....

So, sewing 4 scraps together made one 'new' full batting, yay!  No waste and saved myself some $$.  Gotta love that.



  1. I love using the leftovers, too. I've made quite a few quilts using the pieces that I match up and stitch together. I generally use these for smaller, lap quilts or art quilts.

  2. I like doing this also! Do you have any problems with the seam showing as you are sewing it with a straight seam? I kind of make a free hand wave with my rotary cutter with the two pieces of batting overlapping. Then I abut the edges and sew with a large zig-zag.