Saturday, December 27, 2014

and a happy New Year

I hope everybody had a great Christmas!  We did here because my oldest son and his girlfriend came to stay for a few days.  It feels good to have them home.

I did a little fabric cutting while they slept this morning.  I am probably not going to start sewing this one until I collect enough darks and lights, but I think I will have enough reds and aquas (I am doing aqua/blue/turqoise range instead of yellows in this pattern).  I seem to collect mostly mid-tones, so darks and lights are sparse in my stash.



  1. Great quilt---I did a quilt with 1.5 inch finished and you really didnt see prints---When showing it to people I would point out the special ones. What mag is the pattern in? I'm curious about the construction-Good luck happy cutting