Thursday, December 11, 2014

Deer hunting success

WARNING:  This post contains pictures of a dead deer.  If you do not wish to see them, please don't scroll!

On Saturday, hubby and I went Christmas tree hunting - and we brought our bows with us ''just in case''.  We got way up high and got a nice Christmas tree.  Here it is pictured in the background propped up against our Suburban:

Our dog, Lucy (the St.Bernard/Mastiff in the forground) had such a good day playing with my nieces dog, Shadow (Chesepeake).  They played together like they have always been best friends!  I knew they would hit it off and was so glad they did :)

We hung around for a little while (in the rain!) and had a fire and let the dogs play.

We headed down about an hour or so before sunset and joked that we hoped a deer would jump out in front of us on the way home.   We did spot a pair of does on the way down, and I was able to get one!  My first deer harvest after 4 years hunting, whew!

pic below

Me (wearing my dads down jacket and his wool hunting pants!) and my harvest:

My shirt says ''I don't wear bows, I just shoot them'' - and it is now officially my lucky shirt :)



  1. Rosemary B here:
    What a fun day in a beautiful area.
    We have plenty of deer here in Northern Virginia, come and get them!
    Congratulations on your skills and prize

  2. Congrats! Thought this was going to be a -we shot a nice tree story until I read the disclaimer!

  3. Congratulations! My first deer was also a doe, with my doe, after 4 years! How funny is that?! Enjoy your hard own accomplishment!!

    1. I guess 4 is the magic number?! My husband hasn't got a deer in 5 years now, he was quite jealous (but VERY proud, I'm sure he was bragging to all his buddies at work, LOL)

  4. Nice job. I can smell the venison cooking right now! YUM.

  5. That makes for a very successful day - a tree AND a deer! Well done!