Wednesday, December 10, 2014

hoping for less rain

We came home from our deer hunting early the day before Thanksgiving because of the weather.  On the east side, it was snow - but when we got home to the west side (the WET side), it was rain.  The day after Thanksgiving, the river flooded.  Luckily, not deep enough to get to our house, but it was way too close for comfort.

Here is a pic of the water directly across the street that borders our property:

Tonight, it's expected to flood again.  And, it's raining pretty good right now, so I have no doubts.  They predict about the same elevation in the river for a crest, so I am hoping they predicted correct (or even over predicted) and we will be OK.  This is about as stressful as stressful gets.  I really dislike fall!  I am hoping for winter soon so that the precipitation is snow in the mountains instead of rain in the rivers!

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