Friday, January 16, 2015

Backing for urban 9 patch

After seeing Sew Kind Of Wonderfuls blog post this morning, it gave me the incentive to get out my Urban 9-patch top and work on getting it finished.  It is 90'' square, so the same size as the last quilt I just finished (Scrappy Irish Chain), so I know that it can be basted at my mom's place - but that is pretty much the max for the room we baste quilts in.

I will need to wait to baste it for a while yet though - because my mom is sick and I don't want to bother her while she recovers.  (She has shingles on her face and in her mouth, OUCH!)

The backing had to be pieced in several pieces - two 95'' sections pieced together at the selvedge, then a 5''x95'' section (in 4 pieces!) added to the selvedge of one side to bring the backing up to 95'' square (I had to work with the pieces I had).  So, the backing is pressed and READY!  I will be binding it in the same white/white dotty print.  Lots of dots in this quilt!

And, YES, I am super duper paranoid to quilt this quilt top.  And even more paranoid to WASH it.  I don't remember what the red solid is, but I'm pretty sure I didn't prewash it.  I think it's a Kona red, so I am hoping hoping hoping it won't bleed.  Washing it scares me to death.  I will wash it with synthropol and a whole box of color catchers.  And lots of crossing fingers and toes.

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