Tuesday, January 13, 2015

not bleached white, not snow

I got my yardage of ''Snow'' I ordered, and it's NOT the right solid either!  Left is ''Snow'', right is ''Bleached White'', and the block in the middle is made with the mystery solid.....

 BUT, I think I figured out what the mystery bella color is!  I looked in my past Etsy purchases and found a purchase at the same time as the April Showers prints for ''Bleached White PDF''.  I think I just overlooked the PDF part back then - but apparently it IS different from regular ''bleached white''.  So, ordering some bleached white PDF and hopefully I can finish this quilt top, sheesh!

 I know the PDF part is ''prepared for dying'', just wondering if maybe it doesn't have the sizing in it?  Anybody know?



  1. Don't know, but I've done that before too! So frustrating.

  2. A PFD fabric has been scoured, desired and bleach d in preparation for dyeing.