Monday, January 19, 2015

Swoon quilt top

Well, my Swoon quilt top is finished.  Almost.
It finished at 78'' - so it needs a border added to make it a decent size quilt.

This is the backing I chose to use - I have 7+ yards of this (got it SUPER cheap at a fabric store close-out, I think it was like $2/yard and it is nice quality Benartex material too.)

So, the quilt could be huge if I wanted it to be, but I think around 86''ish is what I will shoot for......

I have LOTS of 2 1/2'' strips - maybe a piano key border?  Any other ideas?



  1. Karin.. loving your progress... because your center star is red I would use a narrow red border then a piano key or other pieced border around that. Black or a dark binding may be your friend too with all those colors will frame your beautiful swoon quilt lovely... but this is your quilt ... look at it and decide what suits you and how this quilt will be used in it's lifetime :) I love making time to look at my work and look at ideas for what is next up.. and you know you will be using up those 2 1/2" strips so you have a size to start with :) Exciting! Thanks for sharing :) Kathi