Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ghastlie quilt top

The Ghastlie's quilt blocks are now a top!  Since this picture, I have also added a border of the garden print.

Lovin' it!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ironing station

I have a new ironing station!  The sideboard itself is 12''x48'', and the top is 20''x61'' :)

I have been keeping my eye out for months for a narrow sideboard  to use as an ironing station.  I finally just decided to just make a custom one intead.  I ended up spending about $100 in lumber/fasteners/hardware/paint.  I am not going to count my hours as that is ''free'', right? LOL  Although, I probably have about 25-30 hours invested into the project.

First, I decided the dimensions I wanted it - and made the side frames:

Then the front frame:

Then, made the back frame 1 1/2'' narrower than the front frame:

For the ends, I decided to use some pieces of 1/4'' paneling I had left over from making the cabinets for my vintage camp trailer.  It was going to be painted, so it didn't really matter what type wood it was.

Testing out the homemade chalk paint (I mixed one sample jar of ''hunters coat red'' with 1/4 cup plaster of paris and 1/4c. water).  This was brigher than I wanted in the end, but I knew I was going to be aging it with stain, so I knew this would work.

I assembled the ends with the front and rear frames (I used my Kreg pockethole jig for assembly)

Then build doors and a breadboard edge top from the same 1x4 pine:

I decided on a medium/dark blue/gray for the base coat of paint:

I did not make the basecoat paint into chalk paint, but I probably should have to stretch the paint a little.  I ended up having to buy a second jar of the base coat:

I didn't count the beadboard in the total of my cost since I already had this from a previous project I didn't end up making.  I also used some leftover cedar from another project for the center shelf:

Top drawer made, and handles installed on drawer and doors:

I forgot to take a pic of the intermediate coat of paint - I used a medium aqua color over the blue, then 2 coats of the red:

Painting finished:

Now, the distressing starts.....

Then, finally, a rubbed on coat of stain to age the paint:

And, lastly, 3 coats of a satin lacquer (I used Deft spray-on).

The top is lovely, and I hated to cover it up - but that was the point of this project.  I took a piece of 3/4'' plywood and surrounded it with 2x2 edging to give it more structure and a thicker look.  I stapled 2 layers of  quilt batting and a civil war reproduction print fabric.


One of my most favorite projects I have ever done!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

The top drawer will be great for holding long rulers and the cabinets will hold either projects or fabrics.  I am hoping to find baskets for the center shelves.  I had to leave the back open on the lower shelf so I can still get to the outlet on that wall.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ghastlie quilt progress

I.  Can't.  Stop.  These blocks are addicting.......  The last round on the blocks (the Ghastlie Garden) is a bit more tedious - squaring these blocks up to 18.5'' unfinished, which is difficult since my cutting mat is only 18'' wide!  Luckily it has 1/2'' border on the mat, so I have made it work and I have almost all of them completed!  I have just been adding random widths as I go, but the last border I have to be precise and measure carefully to get them all up to the same size.  Some of the blocks needed one more row, so got a row of off-white Moda ''grunge'' (the black and the gray in the blocks are also ''grunge'' fabrics).

Hubby's birthday is today, so I am putting this away for the day to make him a special dinner and a cake.  I think I will be able to finish the top on Monday and get it basted soon after!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ghastlie wonky blocks

I got most of the fabrics for a commissioned quilt on Friday and I got right to work making wonky blocks. I guess you could say they are wonky 'courthouse steps'.  I don't normally do ''wonky'', but these were addicting I tell ya!  

The characters are just something else :)

I won't share all the blocks, I want a little bit of a surprise for my customer! ::::waves ''hi Crystal!!"::::
Most of the blocks are to this point, and some will only get one more narrow round of print, some will get two (the smaller blocks).  The last round will be what 'squares' up the blocks so they can be sewn together with a sashing the same print as the last round on the blocks.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Ghastlie beginning

The beginning of a new quilt project for a customer!  It's going to be Ghastlie!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Tiny scrappy trips around the world

Working on these tiny scrappy trips blocks again - I have fabric for a customer quilt coming , so it will be put away again soon though.  This is my basic plan for the quilt I think:
The fabrics in the honey buns is Mill House Inn, so I know I'll never find a reasonably priced print from that line to use as the center and border - but I'll just find something that works.