Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ghastlie quilt progress

I.  Can't.  Stop.  These blocks are addicting.......  The last round on the blocks (the Ghastlie Garden) is a bit more tedious - squaring these blocks up to 18.5'' unfinished, which is difficult since my cutting mat is only 18'' wide!  Luckily it has 1/2'' border on the mat, so I have made it work and I have almost all of them completed!  I have just been adding random widths as I go, but the last border I have to be precise and measure carefully to get them all up to the same size.  Some of the blocks needed one more row, so got a row of off-white Moda ''grunge'' (the black and the gray in the blocks are also ''grunge'' fabrics).

Hubby's birthday is today, so I am putting this away for the day to make him a special dinner and a cake.  I think I will be able to finish the top on Monday and get it basted soon after!


  1. Karin, When you showed this fabric off initially I didn't see how you would work it all out... but you are doing such a lovely job... I am enjoying each block you share for sure!! Happy birthday to your hubby and enjoy a day off and a nice dinner! Kathi

  2. You sure do know how to keep me smiling. I hope your hubbys birthday celebration was wonderful. I was reading through your blog and found the vintage camper sewing machine's one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Lol