Thursday, May 28, 2015

Almost out of thread again

Ugh, my local quilt shop only had one small spool of the light gray aurifil thread and no big spools.   I thought it was going to be enough, but it for sure is NOT going to be enough.  Since nobody else local has any, I am going to have to order more online.  :(  Ordering now, and then finishing up what quilting I can do, bummer....

So many bobbins

I am going through a crazy amount of thread quilting the Ghastlies quilt.  I will think twice before doing spiderwebs on such large blocks in the future!  They are turning out nice, but they are ever so time consuming.  I have a little trick I have been doing to keep track of where I left off of I have to take the quilt out of the machine to replace the bobbin... I pin a little scrap of contrasting fabric near the end of the stitching and then I can easily locate the spot to start stitching again :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival Spring 2015

I am entering the Blogger's Quilt Festival under the wire!  Today, I am sharing ''Tiles''.  It is a variation of a postage stamp quilt - with 2'' and 1'' blocks.  I have entered it in the ''large quilts'' category.

Tiles will be a quilt-along at Bear Creek Quilting Co. blog in June!  I will be making another version of the quilt for the quilt-along as well :)  If you want to get a head start on collecting your fabrics, this is a 90x90 quilt and takes an entire 40 piece Moda FQB for the front, or 10 yards.  Yes, the entire 10 yards.  If you do not use Moda precut FQ's, please plan for an additional 4 FQ's (Moda's FQ's are generous and we used every inch of them!)  I used ''Ambleside'' and it was just so lovely to work with all the delicate colors and prints.  Love love love!

So enough chatting, onto more pics!  Enjoy!

As you can see, I did a basic diagonal ''straight'' line quilting on every other block.  I wanted to keep the quilting a bit loose on this one because it is a big heavy quilt - there is a LOT of fabric in this quilt!

Love me some post-wash crinkles! <3


Quilting the Ghastlies sneek peek

OK,  I decided to share a couple pics..... but because my lovely customer follows my blog (and I want the final outcome to be a surprise when she recieves it), I am just going to show a couple hints of the quilting.  The quilting is taking quite a bit of time, but it's looking good so far!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quilting the Ghastlies

Started working on quilting the Ghastlies quilt!  The blocks will have spiderwebs in them, but i think the border is screaming out for swirls :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Gypsy wife progress

I have been babying my foot this week, trying to stay off it as much as possible - so, this is what I got done this week :)  This is definitely not a beginner quilt, whew!  Even for a seasoned quilter, it is a little challenging, but definitely do-able.  I am amazed how well everything is lining up if you pay close attention to the layout (and made sure to make note of all the errors in the printing and corrected them in your booklet!)

I am so crazy about it, I am actually thinking I will do another one fairly soon with these fabrics!  Eeeee!  I will probably add to it (more grays and navys for sure)

Meanwhile, today I got the Ghastlies quilt basted!  And I will start working on the quilting on Monday, yay!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Custom thread cabinet

I have been thinking about a thread cabinet for ages.  I couldn't find ANYTHING on the 'net that was near to what I wanted. - After I finished my custom ironing station, I decided I needed a thread cabinet in the same style.  And, if I couldn't find one to buy, I would have to make one.  I am thrilled how it turned out!

It is now hung above my sewing machine and I moved my thread into it!  (and a bottle of machine oil).

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hope From Hartford

I pulled out my fabrics for my Gypsy Wife quilt - and decided to make the next block in the book.....  Hope From Hartland.  I love how it turned out!  It is neat to see how different the blocks look in different prints/solids.  I think if I were to do it again, I would do the 'background' in the same prints. 

I also finished ''Crazy Anne''.  Not a fan of this block layout, but it will work with the funky retro vibe this quilt is going to have.  MOST of the prints for this quilt are DS Prints/Denyse Schmidt - with some Moda Bella solids and a very few other random prints from my stash.

Here is a recap of the other blocks I have finished (last year!) for this quilt:



From the Heart:

Filler square-in-square and pinwheels:

I will have more to share soon hopefully, hubby is working this morning (booo).

Friday, May 8, 2015

Flea Market Fancy Baby quilt

My nephew's wife is due to have a baby girl in July - and she had her baby shower this past weekend.  I saved the scraps from making their wedding quilt and made it into a baby quilt!

I used a green/white striped minky for the backing, and it quilted surprisingly well (I was worried I would get puckers, but I didn't).  I also added ties to it so they can tie it to a baby carrier/car seat.

Here is a pic of their wedding quilt I gave to them (their wedding was Sept 2014):
For this quilt, I used the basic pattern from my Moda Bake Shop project ''Wishes String Quilt'', but changed the size of the strips (made them narrower and used more strips in the strip sets).  The end cut-offs from the strip sets I pieced into blocks and made the baby quilt with them.  No waste, yay! :)

I need to get to my mom's to baste the Ghastlie's quilt, but I have been having problems with my right foot.  I injured it, and got xrays, but it's not broken.....  it's still swelling after a month and not getting better, so it might be time for an MRI, ugh.  I did do some practice quilting on a pillow cover - and realized I am not going to be able to do a spiderweb over the entirety of the 18'' blocks.  It is just too big of an area to quilt on my sewing machine with any sort of accuracy.

Here is the finished 18'' pillow cover (without the pillow insert)
 Oh, I LOVE the quilting I did on the back.  I have to do that on a whole quilt sometime!  Isn't it fabulous?!  This is now for sale in my Etsy shop.

And, going through things, I found these two pillowcases - they were from when I made my last Ghastlies quilt (and was going to crochet the edges of them, but didn't).  These are for sale in my Etsy shop as well.