Friday, May 15, 2015

Gypsy wife progress

I have been babying my foot this week, trying to stay off it as much as possible - so, this is what I got done this week :)  This is definitely not a beginner quilt, whew!  Even for a seasoned quilter, it is a little challenging, but definitely do-able.  I am amazed how well everything is lining up if you pay close attention to the layout (and made sure to make note of all the errors in the printing and corrected them in your booklet!)

I am so crazy about it, I am actually thinking I will do another one fairly soon with these fabrics!  Eeeee!  I will probably add to it (more grays and navys for sure)

Meanwhile, today I got the Ghastlies quilt basted!  And I will start working on the quilting on Monday, yay!!!


  1. Love your Gypsy Wife quilt. I am currently hand quilting mine, sort of regretting it as its taking so long. They are addictive though, and I have another on the design wall. Have you tried any other Jen Kingwell quilts?

    1. I have not tried any other of Jen's quilt patterns - nothing else has caught my eye like this one did :)

  2. Karin, your Gypsy Wife is amazing!! It is totally on my "to do" list. And the Ghastlies is too cute! You're on a role.