Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Christmas Ribbons homecoming

Christmas Ribbons finally came home (and will be returned to my nephew today) - it went to several quilt shows for Moda Bake Shops booth.  They sent a couple pics from the booth as well :)

(these are scanned pics from a computer printed pic, so they aren't the greatest quality pic - but doesn't it look great in the booth?!)


Monday, June 29, 2015

a patriotic finish

I finished my latest Moda Bake Shop project today - I am not going to show the front just yet, but here is the backing!

I just did random FMQ loops and stars for the quilting.

This is the bundle of fabric I used for this quilt:

''Varsity'' by Sweetwater for Moda :)  And 'Porcelain' Moda Bella Solid for the background.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tiles quilt-along part 3

Be sure to check out Bear Creek Quilting Co for the previous instructions if you are just joining us :)

I will be making one of the alternate layouts:

I meant to share with you last week pics of the alternate assembly 2'' strip sets - I have been very busy with another secret project, so it just didn't happen.

So, half of your 2.5'' strips will be sewn into strips like this (shown un-pressed because it's too hot here to turn on an iron!):

And, the other half of the strip sets are sewn like this:
Press your seams toward the prints.  I think I will get up early early before it gets hot to press mine!

Then, when you assemble the blocks (today's instructions on Bear Creek Quilting Co.), you will make 28 A blocks (with prints in corners) and 29 B blocks (with solids in corners).

The 1'' square blocks will be assembled the same as for the original:
I am behind and haven't even started assembly of my 1.5'' strips, hopefully I can catch up :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tiles quilt along part 2

Hopefully you visited Bear Creek Quilting for the 2nd part of the quilt along - the cutting!  My original Tiles quilt is now adorning my living room in an antique basket in an adorable rolled  bundle.  Love love love this quilt.  This one will be set aside after the quilt along for the next special wedding (which isn't happening anytime soon that I know of!)  It will be such a wonderful heirloom gift :)

If you are adding solids to the mix, I have some more cutting instructions:
If you alternate solids for BOTH the 1'' and 2'' blocks, from your solid you will need to cut:
40 WOFx 1.5'' strips (then cut them in half along the fold line = 80 pieces)
50 WOFx 2.5'' strips (then cut them in half along the fold line = 100 pieces)
and then from your FQ's, cut all 20 the same as for the original quilt (80 pieces @ 1.5'' and 100 pieces @ 2.5'')

If you plan to alternate JUST the 2'' blocks, then from your solid you will need to cut:
50 WOF x 2.5'' strips (then cut these in half on the fold line = 100 pieces)

Then, from the 30 FQ's:
cut 20 FQ's into 3 @ 2.5'' strips and 6 @ 1.5'' strips each (= 60 @ 2.5'' pieces, 120 @ 1.5'' pieces)
the remaining 10 FQ's, cut 4@ 2.5'' and 4 @ 1.5'' strips from each. (=40 pieces for a total of 100 @ 2.5'' and 40 pieces @ 1.5'' for a total of 160.)

If you are cutting from your 'stash' - you will need a total of 
100 WOF @ 2.5'' (cut in half on the fold to equal 200 pieces)
80 WOF @ 1.5'' (cut in half on the fold to equal 160 pieces)

Happy cutting, and I will see you next week!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Ghastlie finish

Well, my customer has finally recieved her Ghastlie quilt, so now I can share!

For the backing, I used a 'graveyard' print I got on sale last year after Halloween.  It is very fitting!

This one took me WAY too long to quilt.  I used at least 17 bobbins, which is over twice as many as any other quilt I have ever quilted.  TONS of quilting.  I kept going back and filling spaces with more spiderwebs.  Webs going in every direction on this one!  The construction of this quilt was fun - I think I'll do something like this again, but I don't think I will revisit the spiderweb fill quilting anytime soon :)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tiles quilt along

Yay!  My very first quilt along!  Meet ''Tiles''.

I will be guest posting over at Bear Creek Quilting for a few weeks with several posts showing the fabric requirements, cutting, pressing, assembly, and even a little about quilting on a DSM (domestic sewing machine).

 This quilt pattern was inspired by a tile floor layout, so I named it ''Tiles''.   The first pic is the mock up using random low-volume Moda prints.

The second is a mock up of Ambleside by Brenda Riddle for Moda (what I used for the original Tiles quilt).

Hubby thought I should call it ''Static'', so maybe the second quilt I make from the pattern will be called Static.  My *plan* is to make a second one anyhow - from my stash and a little bit different color choice layout.

 If you came over from the Bear Creek Quilting blog, you probably noticed that I promised a couple different fabric layout options using solids.

My quilt for the quilt along will be using this layout:

I think this variation makes the 1'' tiles stand out so much more!

You could also alternate a solid in the 1'' tiles:
Which also makes the tiny pieces stand out just a bit more than the original.  I think I like the contrast better of the first variation though :)

44 fat quarters (or 40 if you use a Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - they are a generous 18.5'' wide)

If you want to alternate a solid in the entire quilt, the fabric requirements are:
22 Fat quarters (or 5 1/4 yards) prints  (20 if you use Moda precuts or your FQ's are at least 18.5'' wide)
5 1/4 yards solid

If you want to alternate a solid in JUST the 2'' squares, the fabric requirements are:
30 FQ's prints
3.5 yards solid

I have started a Flickr group to share your pictures if you plan to join in the quilt along!  It is also where you can ask questions if you have any :)  https://www.flickr.com/groups/2827925@N23/  is the link to the group.  I would love emails too if you don't want to join the group - but I would love to see questions asked on the group because then everybody joining in can see the questions/answers :)

I can't wait to get started!

So, head on over to Bear Creek Quilting blog and start gathering your fabric! :)


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Almost done

I am almost done with the Ghastlies quilt, yay! 
After this block, there is just one more!
I will share completed pics after my customer receives it :)

I also wanted to share the progress of those civil war repro print strips I cut earlier.  While I waited for the thread for the Ghastlies quilting, I sewed a million (maybe a million and a half) strips together.  OK, maybe not THAT many, but it felt like it!  I made around 100 strip sets though.  These will have to wait on the back burner though until the Ghastlies quilt is done AND the Moda Bake Shop project is done as well :)

Back to quilting I go!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Quilting again

Working on the quilting for the Ghastlies quilt again..... I really have to get this finished up in the next couple days because I got this bundle of fabric from Moda Bake Shop late last week:

And, this one has a deadline, so I must quilt quilt quilt!

A little hint on the quilt I am making - this is ''Varsity'' fabric line Sweetwater for Moda - and for the pattern I am making, I have decided to take out the greens and yellows and make it a red/white/blue(and gray/black) quilt!  My first ''patriotic'' quilt!   I have been wanting to make one for quite some time, finally I get to do it!  Yay!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Civil war prints

On Sunday, while hubby worked on a new painting, I cut into my stash of civil war prints.  I cut a million, maybe a millon and a half, 2.5"x11" strips.  Of course it worked out I needed twice as many background strips and I ended up with twice as many darks instead. 
This is going to be a 25-patch alternating with a 5-strip block quilt.