Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tiles quilt-along part 3

Be sure to check out Bear Creek Quilting Co for the previous instructions if you are just joining us :)

I will be making one of the alternate layouts:

I meant to share with you last week pics of the alternate assembly 2'' strip sets - I have been very busy with another secret project, so it just didn't happen.

So, half of your 2.5'' strips will be sewn into strips like this (shown un-pressed because it's too hot here to turn on an iron!):

And, the other half of the strip sets are sewn like this:
Press your seams toward the prints.  I think I will get up early early before it gets hot to press mine!

Then, when you assemble the blocks (today's instructions on Bear Creek Quilting Co.), you will make 28 A blocks (with prints in corners) and 29 B blocks (with solids in corners).

The 1'' square blocks will be assembled the same as for the original:
I am behind and haven't even started assembly of my 1.5'' strips, hopefully I can catch up :)

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