Monday, July 6, 2015

Tiles - assembly

Well, the 4th part to the quilt along is posted on Bear Creek Quilting blog.  I am SO far behind on my own quilt along, it isn't even funny!  How embarassing is that?!  No fears if you are behind, we can keep this going throughout the summer, and maybe longer - the flickr page to share will still be there :)  I have NOTHING to share since I just finished another quilt project and then went on a camping vacation for my 24th wedding anniversary!  Here is my anniversary present from hubby:

I need to get a hanger for this for the porch today so I can hang it well enough out of the direct sun.  It is HEAVY (I am guessing close to 50 pounds!), so it will have to be more than a nail to hang it on!  I have never had a red begonia - isn't it gorgeous?!  Love love love.  Now if I can keep it alive (I have a brown thumb!)


  1. I have lost all my summer potted flowers due to the abnormal heat we have had. Feel like I've had a brown thumbm myself. Good luck with it's so pretty. I love the red!

  2. Karin - love your picture from BC! We just returned from a visit with our daughter in Tacoma, WA and visited Hood Canal, too. No oyster hunting in the pouring rain, though! I wanted to ask your permission to use your Hunter's Star tutorial for our guild's December Block of the Month. It will be in our newsletter, in the precuts 'kit', and posted on our website - with all credit to you, of course! I will not use any of your images or copy/paste your instructions, but instead, will write my own from scratch. Please let me know if this ok with you. Shari Harrison ( Thanks for a lovely blog and quilts to explore!