Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas from Cascade Quilts

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas!  I know I did!  I finally got the thing I have been asking Santa for (for about 10 years)...... an 'aqua sky' Kitchenaid!  WEEEE!
Sorry about the poor quality pic, it is gloomy weather here in western WA and I have some kitchen bulbs burned out in my vaulted ceiling and haven't gotten around to replacing them :)
My hubby and sons went together and got me this - I never expected I would get this, I am just blown away.  I might have even cried a little opening it :)  And then cried again when I opened the box and realized it wasn't white like the one on the box :)

I wanted to let you know also that I HAVE been doing some quilting, just nothing I can share right yet :)  I am going to be basting tomorrow and hopefully I can share within a couple weeks :)
I will share the stack of fabric I have been working with though :)  Moda happy mail!