Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Moda Bake Shop - Improved 9 patch quilt

This post is going to be picture heavy!  I finally finished my latest MBS project (project post here) - a full size raw-edge applique quilt.  I quilted it in a traditional feather wreath - my first try at feathers (and done on my DSM, a Pfaff tiptronic 2030).  Without further ado.....

It has been washed and there was absolutely zero blue on the white background (or on the color catchers!).  Love that Moda!  The raw edges haven't frayed much yet, but they will the more it gets washed and used :)  This one is a keeper!
I have made one other raw-edge quilt - that was my raw-edge circle quilt.  It has been my couch quilt for a few years now and it looks as good today as it did the day I made it.  So, yes, this technique still makes a sturdy quilt!


Monday, May 2, 2016

quilt repair and new MBS project

I did finish the repairs to the quilt top I was repairing:

Now I need to get it basted - this will be a tied quilt with poly batting to as closely reflect how it was originally.  The backing and binding will be pink (binding saved from original backing, but new pink backing will be used).

Then, on Friday, I got this bundle of wonderfulness delivered:
This one will be FUN FUN!  This one is scheduled for Moda Bake Shop for August 10th (my son's 25th birthday coincidentally!)  The Shibori prints are just awesome!   Love love LOVE!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Moda Bake Shop : Double Chevron quilt

I am happy to announce my 13th project over at the Moda Bake Shop!  Let me introduce you to ''Double Chevron''

It makes use of only ONE jelly roll (and solid yardage) for a  full size quilt!
I ended up doing chevron ''straight line'' stitching on my sewing machine for the quilting.  WOW, was that a task.  One of the most labor intensive quilting projects I have done yet.  SO much pushing and pulling of the quilt through the machine, but it was worth it in the end!
 One thing I did not share on the tutorial - was that I ended up adding a 3/4'' strip to the top and bottom of the quilt so I wouldn't lose my points when I added binding.  I am glad I ended up doing that :)

I am going to share with you today what I did with the leftovers from cutting the blocks from the Double Chevron quilt.  You will have two triangle-ish shaped strip tube sections leftover.  First, I made sure each end was trimmed off square:

Then, opened up the tubes on the short side:

Then, pressed seams in opposing directions to put together to make another full block!

You can trim them to the same size as your full size quilt and add to it to make a much larger quilt - or trim them and use them for a baby quilt!
You will be able to make 20 more blocks.  I trimmed mine to the same size as the full size quilt blocks (which is just a hair under 9'') to make a baby quilt to 'go' with the full size quilt.

I haven't gotten around to picking a backing/binding for this one yet.  I think I have enough leftovers from the full size quilt for more than half of the backing, but not quite enough.....