Saturday, January 30, 2016

108 tiny scrappy trips blocks

108 tiny scrappy trips around the world blocks.....  not nearly enough for a full size quilt yet, whew!  Much more pinning and sewing to do!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Trips around the world - AKA Tiny Trips

I have been working on my 'Tiny Trips' quilt again - I have a bazillion 6-strip sets (1.5'x10'' strips) ready and have started sewing them into tubes.  I will have lots of pinning to sit and do tonight after dinner :)

The whole quilt will be in Millhouse Inn by Fig Tree.  I started with 3 honey buns and quickly realized (a couple years ago) that it wasn't going to be near enough to make anything larger than a baby quilt.  So, I have been collecting more from that line and I think I finally have enough to make a 90x90 quilt.  Which will be well over 8000 @ 1'' squares......