Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Vintage quilt repair

Oh how time flies!  I have been neglecting my blog and for that I am sorry!  I have a few projects going on - mainly I am remodeling my master bathroom, but I am still working on something quilty too.....

I forgot to take a 'before' pic of the whole quilt - but here are a few pics of it before I disassembled the top (after I took off the backing/batting).  The lavendar backed blocks in this quilt were a very silky fabric and were in dire need of some TLC.

And, this is what the batting looked that was inside.  It was mostly cotton, but there was a few bits of poly in there too.  It was literally tearing the quilt apart from the inside out.

Every seam was comprimised and a lot were to the extent that there was no seam left in spots.  If I left these seams, it would only be a matter of a few washings and it would fall apart again.

So, I cut apart each and every block.

I forgot to take pics of the process, but the lavendar blocks I cut around the Sunbonnets about 1/4'' and turned the edges under and re-appliqued them onto new lavendar material (using clear thread so as not to detract from the original quilters hand stitching).

I used the backing (the same pink as the sashing) to repair the pink sashing and now I am working on putting the blocks/sashing back together.  I hope to share pics of the complete top tomorrow!