Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vacation and mean people

I don't like to announce I will be going on vacation, but we did and it was great!  My family has 2 summer cabins on a lake in BC and we went there to stay for a week.....  it is my favorite place on earth.

The cabins are super rustic (no electricity or running water), but that is what makes it special I think.  Just makes it seem so disconnected to the outside world, like you are in another time period.
Our Lucy love love LOVES it there too - she gets to be outside anytime she wants to be and she would swim in the lake multiple times a day on her own.  She was pretty much wet 24/7.  Smart girl as it was in the 80's the whole week!  (Lucy is the Saint Bernard, the black Lab is our oldest son's dog Tikka).

So, I was on a 'high' from the wonderful week at the cabin, and today I see two snarky comments (from the same person) on my latest MBS project.  One saying something to the effect of 'why on earth would anybody make a quilt that will ravel on the front' and one saying something to the effect of  'the white spaces look like paper plates'.  Didn't her momma teach her 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all'?  Just ruins my day :*(  I love that quilt and for someone to be so blatantly RUDE, it just hurts my heart.


  1. I'm sorry you had that hurtful experience. They didn't 'get' your quilt but lots of other people do and I think it's lovely!x

  2. The sensational blue and white one? The one I haven't commented on yet because I left it in my blog reader so I could pin it to my oh hell yeah I want to make this Pinterest page? People suck, you sure don't. PS love the dog in the water pics. Lucy is one smart cookie.

  3. Kinda makes you want to run back to the cabin, doesn't it? Don't let other people's small mindedness steal your joy. Just keep on creating quilts that speak to your heart and thank you for sharing them with us!

  4. I love your quilt. I think it is beautiful. Love your vacation pictures too. Have a wonderful day. HUGS !!

  5. That water is so clear! I'm glad you are having fun. As Ranch Wife says, Don't let someone ruin your joy. I was told something about my quilt block that made me want to throw it in the garbage but I will not do that. Your quilt is beautiful!

  6. Hi Karin.
    Well, Sticks and Stones can break my bones but words can never hurt you
    I can tell you, the quilt is very cool and I already printed it out. I do not remember if I had commented on it, or here or what (dementia? could be)
    I love it. People are weird, cranky, silly, wonderful and sometimes annoying. I hope you did not delete the comments. It is good to just let stuff like that sit a while.
    The pictures of your vacation look so lovely. I love playing around areas like this, your dogs look so happy. I am sure all of you had a blast. It is good to get away and just let go.
    Love you dearly

  7. Sometimes the only taste some people have is in their mouth. Judging by the ugly comments these two made, well, apparently they don't even have that! I love the intensity of the blue and starkness of the white when side by side. Beautiful!

  8. So sorry on those comments. I loved the "raveling paper plate" quilt and have stored it in my inspiration folder. I may not make it exactly as described, but I am always impressed when artists create out-of-the-ordinary pieces.