Tuesday, October 4, 2016

crazy trips quilt top

I just realized that I hadn't shared a quilt top finish with y'all....  it is my tiny scrappy trips quilt top (aka: crazy trips).

fabric:  Mill House Inn, Fig Tree & Co for Moda
pattern: scrappy trips around the world by Quiltville (although my strips were 1.5'' wide)
finished quilt top: 84.5''x84.5''  (that is 7,056 @1'' squares!)

I was calling it 'tiny scrappy trips', but it is definitely now ''crazy trips'' haha!

I joined 4 of the blocks together to make one larger block - then I arranged them to very randomly.  It made the quilt top look like a maze, LOL.  What is weird about pictures - the differences in the blocks don't show up like they do in the pictures - the colors look much more harmonious in person :)

Now, any suggestions on quilting?  (remembering I do all my quilting on my Pfaff sewing machine and this quilt top is about twice as heavy as a normal quilt top)


  1. Wow, that's crazy amazing. No suggestions on quilting from me tho-sorry!

  2. Stunning! I would vote for soft, all over quilting, but exactly what, I'm not so sure! So basically I'm no help at all! lol