Monday, January 29, 2018

2018 already?

I just am baffled where the time goes - I haven't done much of anything since before Christmas..... I caught that darn flu that is harassing the whole of North America it seems.  3 weeks of misery!  Then, right at the tail end of it, I got vertigo for a whole week.  I have had vertigo mildly before - but this was VERTIGO and I actually took myself to the ER thinking it was something serious.  Thankfully, the vertigo seems to be mostly gone now, whew.  And, so I can get back to quilting!

I did do some pressing on my Dresden chain quilt - I have all the chain blocks done and now all the blades made/pressed - just need to sew them together into plates.  I have one plate done.

I need to get going on it though and finish it because I have new fabric coming soon for a new Moda Bake Shop project!  I am SO excited!  The quilt is going to be called Christmas 1968 - and I will leave you in suspense what fabric I will be using until I get it in hand.  But, I bet you might know by the quilt name if you have seen any upcoming Moda fabrics on other blogs :)

This Queen Anne chair is a project I have in mind to do soon too - I have been waiting to upholster it until I find the right fabric/fabrics.  I am going to buckle down and be more serious about finding what I want to do with it though - any suggestions?  I don't want too bright, but I don't want too subtle either.  I want something that is very striking and appealing to more than just myself.   I am considering buying a store-bought quilt (a cheap one!) and covering it with that.  I cannot bring myself to paint the wood, but I do think I would like it better painted, distressed, waxed.  This is a chair my grandparents bought in/about 1942 in Seattle.  So, I consider it a family heirloom.  I love it, but it really needs some attention!

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