Thursday, March 8, 2018

Upholstery and quilting

I have been working on my Moda Bake Shop project, but also on TWO different upholstered chair projects.  One I am keeping and one I got to practice on and flip.  Here is my progress of the one I bought to flip.  It had a cover hot glued onto the original pink/gold chenille.  Yes, HOT GLUED.  The frame was broken, so I had to remove the zigzag springs and repair the frame.  Those springs were a royal pain to put back on!  They were super tight!

After putting the frame back together and reattaching the springs, I covered the springs with cotton (this will be the dust cover since the bottom cannot be covered because this is a spring rocker).  Then, I reattached the cushion springs and the padding over them.  I stitched a new seat cover and got that attached as well.

I pattern-matched the seat to the skirting as well.  I think it turned out pretty good!  It sold the first day I advertised it too!