2013 quilts

Sunnyside Stars quilt for Moda Bake Shop:

Noteworthy Labyrinth quilt for Moda Bake Shop:

stack-n-whack UI Vandals quilt:


  1. All your quilts are lovely Karen.

  2. Hello Karin,
    I love your Noteworthy Labyrinth Quilt and am in the process of cutting the strip sets. I used 30 1.5 strips of solid and got 15 strip sets but you have stated I need 20 that will result in 100 8" squares. By my calculations, it appears that I need 40 solid strips for 20 sets. Does this sound right to you? I have not started to cut the remainder of the solid strips for the sub-block piecing as I wanted to make sure I have enough strip sets first. If you could comment on this, I'd appreciate it.
    BTW, I'm making this quilt with Moda's Little Black Dress II and an aqua solid and I think it's looking fantastic.